Hybrid geopolymer coatings for steel

Albricht is happy to announce their newest project: Development of a hybrid geopolymer coating for steel

The project is in partnership with Bjond BVBA (Maaseik, Belgium) and Cuijpers Services BV (Weert, The Netherlands) to combine expertise in metallurgy, preparation of steel, application techniques together with the R&D skills of Albricht.
A pre-study showed the posibillity of hybrid geopolymers coatings to coat and passivate steel to prevent corrosion. The current development allows for the production of hybrid geopolymer coating systems that can be easily applied with a brush, roller, air spray and airless. The hybrid geopolymer coating is able to adhere to rusted and wet steel surfaces and can be applied under wet environmental conditions.

The project is made possible by a subsidy of the Management Authority and the European Union